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Educators & Staff

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Anjelena Kirakosian

Operations Manager

Fereshetyan, Srbui

Srbui Fereshetyan

Office Manager

Vardanyan, Lilit

Lilit Vardanyan

Pre-K Teacher (Potty Training)

Tuvmasyan, Marine

Marine Tumasyan

Pre-K Teacher Aide (Potty Training)

Sarkis, Manoush

Manoush Sarkis

Pre-K Teacher (Early)

Tadevosyan, Irina

Irina Tadevosyan

Pre-K Teacher Aide (Early)

Jierian, Shoghik

Shoghik Jierian

Pre-K Teacher (Advanced)

Ghazarian, Kristine

Kristine Ghazarian

Pre-K Aide (Advanced)

Hovagimian, Talar

Talar Hovagimian

TK / Kindergarten Teacher

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Kristine Hambardzumyan

TK / Kindergarten Aide

Hakobyan, Haykuhi

Haykuhi Hakobyan

TK / Kindergarten Teacher

Ghazaryan, Naira

Naira Ghazaryan

TK / Kindergarten Teacher Aide

Wheeless, Andrea

Andrea Wheeless

1st Grade Teacher

Agopian, Fira

Vera Agopian

1st Grade Teacher Aide

Lao, Susan

Susan Lao

2nd Grade Teacher

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Diane Bohan

3rd / 4th Grade Teacher

Bergen, Phillip

Phillip Bergen

5th Grade Teacher

Bayburdyan, Anna

Anna Bayburdyan

6th Grade Teacher

Lena Ohanyan

Office Aide

Debbie Ann Trapel


Dumanyan, Margarit

Margarit Dumanyan

Eastern Armenian Teacher

Markarian, Maral

Maral Markarian

Western Armenian Teacher

Diarian, Vartuhi

Vartuhi Diarian

Art Teacher

Mendoza, Daniel

Danny Mendoza

Instrumental Music Teacher

Tsolokian, Viktoria

Viktoria Tsolokian

Choir Teacher

Shamilyan, Lucy

Lucy Shamilyan


School Board

The CKACS Board of Education, composed of nine members from the community, are elected for three year terms to oversee the school facility and programs. Along with the school Principal / Superintendent, these members bring their respective talents to serve the needs of students and their families, working collaboratively with the student body to sustain and improve the quality of educational services the school offers.

Contact Board Members at

Christopher Shamlian (DDS)

Board Chair

Rosie Bedrosian

Vice Chairperson

Dickran Checkian


Hoori Kalamkarian

Board Secretary

Maral Kismetian

Board Member

Adam Mortanian

Board Member

Marine Vardanyan Peters

Board Member

Robert Garabedian

Board Member

Nyrie Karkazian

Board Member