Music and Performing Arts

Music - Choral
Twice a week session with a professional music teacher for all students. All students learn many genres of songs to sing.
Students TK through 6th grade meet with a professional music teacher twice a week. They learn about musical theory, rhythm, performance and instruction on how to play a musical instrument.
Visual Arts
All students (PreK-6th grade) meet three times a week with a professional artist each week.

The art lessons include knowing about the color palette, elements of art, in addition to art appreciation activities. The students have used oils, pastels, pencil, chalk, water color, clay mediums in their projects.

They have studied many artists, including but not limited to, Jim Dine, Wassily Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt, Thomas Kinkade, Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh.

From the Armenian tradition of arts they have studied: Grigor Khandjyan, Meruzhan Khachatryan, Norik Astvatsaturov, Roudolf Khatchatrian, Martiros Saryan, Armenian carpet designs, Armenian Miniatures, etc.

There are art shows during the year when students display their art pieces. Community members and families are invited to attend the shows and participate in this event which promotes the artistic temperament of their children.

By the end of 6th grade our students should be able to:

  • identify and describe all the elements of art, discuss different pieces of art as to theme, style, etc.
  • describe how artists use the same theme, but use different media and styles
  • describe the difference between symmetry and asymmetry
  • use observational skills to draw a variety of subject matter
  • create a drawing using tints, shades and intensities
  • become aware of human diversity as it relates to the visual arts
  • become aware of the language of analyzing, assessing and deriving meaning from their
  • own and other students or artists pieces of art
  • learn of careers in the visual arts