For Families

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Parent involvement is an important part of our school program. Listed below are some examples of activities that are open to parents:

  • Takeout/delivery lunches (fund-raising)
  • Book Fairs
  • Classroom help (with Teacher approval)
  • Publicity - help is always needed to get the word out about the school and various events. Assistance is needed with press releases, printing, and mailing - contact the Principal for more information
  • Various Fund-raisers (assist in the planning and implementation)
  • Field trips (drivers are always needed to transport students on various field trips)
  • Room mothers and fathers (see below)
Room Mothers and Fathers
Interested mothers and fathers may participate as room mothers or fathers on a regular, rotating basis. Each classroom requires one or two. Please see the classroom teacher to make these arrangements. A room mother or father helps to organize classroom activities in conjunction with the teacher.
Parent Participation Program (PPP)
Parent participation is welcomed and considered necessary. Through the parent participation programs, parents may offer their services to assist in the classrooms, playground, cafeteria, field trips or special activities sponsored by the school. Each family must volunteer a minimum of 30 hours per year. For students attending part time, 15 hours of participation is necessary per year. A Parent Participation Program binder is located in the office with a page for each family. This is an important part of our school program and parent assistance is valued. These hours can be accomplished by other family members such as parents, brothers/sisters. HOURS WORKED BY ONE FAMILY CAN NOT BE GIVEN TO OTHER FAMILIES. If the hours are not completed by the June 1, of the current year, there will be a $20 per hour charge added to the yearend fees.
Parent - Teacher Club
The CKACS Parent-Teacher Club is an organization open to all parents. Every parent is encouraged to join and support the school in its functions. A close feeling of partnership prevails between the school and the families it serves, which relates directly to the enthusiasm and accomplishments of CKACS children. The P.T.C. meetings are held each month at the school. The mission of the P.T.C. is to assist the school through supportive services, activities and funds. All parents are encouraged to support the CKACS Parent-Teacher Club through membership and involvement. There are no membership fees to participate. All event and activity announcements are emailed to parents and put in the school weekly newsletter.
Parent Forums:
At least 2 times a year parent forums will be held. At that time the Board and the Principal will be ready to exchange ideas about school policies, etc. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Back to School Night / Open House
These evenings give parents/guardians an opportunity to see their child’s work in their classrooms. It also is a chance to hear about the teacher’s objectives, goals and purposes.
Parent - Teacher Conferences
Parent/teacher conference appointments will be scheduled during the fall. All parents are encouraged to keep the appointments. If parents and/or teachers require additional conferences, necessary appointments will be scheduled. It is very important that parent/teacher conferences are two-way conferences. Come prepared to provide information and concerns you may have relating to your child’s educational program.
CKACS Annual Meeting
The Annual meeting is scheduled for the first Tuesday in May. At this time the Board invites all parents and community members who have joined to be voting members an opportunity to hear from the Chairman of the School Board and have reports from the Board and auxiliary organizations presented. The election of new School Board members takes place at this meeting.