Apply for Financial Aid

Since its beginning, the Charlie Keyan Armenian Community School has offered financial aid to families in need of assistance. If you would like to request financial aid, please follow the instructions provided in the guidelines uploaded, below. Financial assistance will be based upon an assessment of need as determined from the documentation provided. F
inancial aid is not available for PreKindergarten.

The deadline for submitting applications for financial aid is July 1st. Please submit the application as soon as possible.

Guidelines for Applying for Financial Aid

Financial Aid Application


Financial Aid Terms and Agreements:

· The Board of Education considers financial aid as an opportunity for families who need assistance, and not as a privilege; financial aid is temporary, not long-term assistance.

· The maximum allowable discount may be changed from year to year at the Board’s discretion.

· Financial Aid will be provided on an annual basis. However, the Board reserves the right to terminate Financial Aid during the school year if a family is not meeting the conditions of such assistance.

· Financial Aid received in one year does not guarantee that assistance will be provided in subsequent years. Families seeking continued financial aid must reapply with each new school year.

· Families with an outstanding balance from the previous year cannot apply for Financial Aid in the current year. Balances from prior school years must be paid in full before the assistance can be granted.

· Parent Participation Hours are mandatory for every family, including those on financial aid - 30 hours if your child is enrolled in school full-time and 15 hours if your child is in part-time pre-K. It is extremely important that you complete the hours prior to the end of the school year.